Fallen on Good Times

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In this town, fairy tales are warnings, legend is history, and monsters are real.

His most dangerous case yet. The potential reward is enough to change his life forever. But is it enough to make it worth going up against the mob?

Fallen on Good Times is a paranormal detective Noir, set in the 1920s American city of Pilgrim’s Wane. A gritty urban fantasy that mixes ‘impressive’ action with ‘witty one-liners’, the novel follows a hapless private detective and the unorthodox cast of characters he encounters as he tries to survive a world filled with danger.

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Private Detective Laslo Kane is down on his luck, taking the cases no-one else will touch. When a wealthy investor with a murdered business partner offers Laslo a life-changing fee to get him out of trouble, Laslo sees a chance to change his situation forever. But all the clues point towards the involvement of the Pottelli crime family: the most powerful criminals in the city.

The mob is led by the ogre Adamar Pottelli, and has men, beasts, and the undead at its disposal.

Laslo has a pair of silver knuckle dusters, a revolver, an angry ex-girlfriend, and a spirtualist medium who hasn’t realised he is dead.

Can Laslo survive and claim his fee, or will earning a living be the death of him?

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Thanks for the voice over and music go to Christopher Escalante. Filming was done by Chris Wasey from Babalu Films.
Fallen on Good Times is published by Paddy’s Daddy Publishing.
The awesome cover illustration and design was created by Caspar and Josh from Snakeskin Studios.
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