Good news

Cartoon Rejection PileSo this week I’ve had two pieces of good news. The first is that I am going to have a short story published in Misspelled Magazine at some point in the near future. This is particularly pleasing because I haven’t been able to do much creative writing recently, what with all the other things I’ve had to be doing, so this will hopefully be a nice motivator to get me sending more stuff out. I had been thinking for a while that my Writing page has remained unchanged for too long, so this will make a nice edition.

Tell Me About Yourself Award

The second, and equally good, piece of news, is that the lovely folks over at Cecile’s Writers have nominated me for the Tell Me About Yourself Award (thank you, peeps). If you’re thinking “Wow, I’d love to be able to visualise those words with a bee above them”, you can realise that ambition by looking to the left of these words. As you can imagine, the Tell Me About Yourself Award requires me to tell you some things about myself.


Bit of an apology first

Before that, and whilst on the subject of awards, I need to say a massive apology to Emerald Barnes, who actually nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award many many months ago. It was the same time as my original nomination, and somehow I missed that post of hers, so it was only very recently I somehow came across it and realised. I’m very sorry, Emerald! (P.s. the only reason you’re not in the list below is that you’ve recently been given a blogging-related reward, and I thought you might like a rest from having to think up things about yourself…)

7 things about me

It’s interesting, isn’t it, how hard this bit is. There are dozens of things about each of us that make us special, yet if someone stops you and says “tell me something interesting about yourself”, or even “tell me about yourself”, you automatically resort to the most boring facts about you, responding with, “I spend a lot of time on the sofa looking at, but not reading, the TV schedule.” They then look disappointed and walk away, and someone who knows you nudges you and says, “why didn’t you tell him you beat Darth Vader in a plutonium-eating contest held on the rim of Olympus Mons?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

Anyway, enough pondering. On with some facts.

  1. I have recently come to the conclusion that one day I will have to study psychology. This comes from the fact I am incredibly self-reflexive, and always try to break down my thoughts and feelings into their genesis. I think that’s a good thing – it makes for more balanced and considered opinions – but one day my pop-psychology will get me into trouble. It also comes from the fact that the main character of Politics in Blood has Derren Brown-esque powers to manipulate people’s minds, and I believe a knowledge of psychology would allow me to develop that aspect of her character.
  2. I don’t drink. Not for any high-and-mighty reason, I just really don’t like the taste. The amount of people who cannot accept this really baffles me. I don’t eat cheese, either (except on pizza), but while I often come across people who try and force me to have a drink, I have never been pinned to the ground and force-fed Stilton. Honestly, become teetotal for a few days. It’s amazing the extent to which alcohol is a part of our culture. That’s not me being preachy, just slightly annoyed at having to give a massive essay every time I tell someone I don’t drink.
  3. I have very high expectations of myself. It took me a long time to accept that it’s OK to be 22 and not yet have a book published. Having said that, I’m still not entirely sure that I’d be OK with being 23 and not having a book published. I’ll find out in six months.
  4. I love classic comedy. I consider Morecombe and Wise to be the greatest comedy duo that ever lived. I also love Monty Python, The Marx Brothers, The Goon Show, The Two Ronnies and Tommy Cooper. I love a lot of modern comedy too (Not Going Out, Miranda, Black Books, Father Ted, The IT Crowd) but mostly I feel that the classic age of British comedy has passed.
  5. I’m not entirely sure what I believe happens after death, only that I hope it involves some sort of statue of me being erected in town squares.
  6. I like to write my own music (only for myself), but as I am the most beginner of beginners when it comes to playing the guitar, and the only instrument I am good at is drums, I have to hum each melody/tune/part into a microphone hooked up to a guitar tuner, use that to score the song on the music software, and then learn to play it on the guitar retrospectively.
  7. I have a business presentation on freelance copywriting for the business course I attend that I should be writing instead of doing this.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the nominations for the Tell Me About Yourself Award are…

Danielle Shipley

Billie Jo Woods

Patrick Thunstrom

Ellen Gregory


Janet Rundquist


So thar we go, as a pirate might say. Not sure why a pirate gets to start off the last paragraph of this blog post, but what the hell. See ye all next time, mateys. (What the hell is going on..?)

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Good news and a positive ending to my rejection musings

Occurrence of the week

This post, actually. Lots has happened, so read on folks…


Well, after pondering all those rejections, I finally got another short story accepted. Funnily enough, it was the one I was considering abandoning when discussing When is it time to abandon a project?. You can read The Ghost Ship Mipherros on Indigo Rising’s website, here. That takes my total of short stories published up to three, which is apparently the magic number. Unless we’re talking Matrix films. Or arms.

Not quite success, but, hey, I’ll take it

I had a story rejected recently. You might wonder why that comes under the banner of semi-success. Well, because it was the first rejection I’ve had that came with some feedback. That means whoever read it saw some potential in my writing, enough to make them give up some of their time to give me a few pointers. Since the last thing a busy editor needs is a rejected writer emailing them back, I’d like to say thank you here, just in case they one day read this. And, having considered their feedback, they were most definitely right, and I’m excited to get back to the piece and improve it.

I won a prize again

Yep, you probably know what this picture means. Two months after being awarded it for the first time, I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award again, this time courtesy of Robin Coyle over at Thanks Robin! I’m still finding people to give the award to – most of the people I follow have won it multiple times already, and even more annoyingly, quite recently, so I’m struggling a bit with finding the 15 people needed to pass it on. I’ll leave the facts until I get it all sorted, and do a proper post about it then, as per the rules. (I wouldn’t want the Versatile Blogger police coming after me with their…green and…flowers.)

With any luck the good news will keep on rolling. Check back soon. Hopefully you won’t find that my family has been abducted and I’m trying to blog with a pen and paper wired to a telephone line because my laptop got tired of overheating and went for a dip in the sea.

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The Versatile Blogger Award, or hooray: I won a prize!

Occurrence of the week

I ordered food in a pub the other day, and it turns out I was meant to tell them that I wanted to eat the dessert I ordered after my main course, as they both came out at the same time. I had to sit there and watch it melt whilst eating my burger. I know it was only a pub, but I didn’t realise I needed to schedule my food. The last thing I expected when I went up to the bar and asked for some food was for the guy behind it to say, ‘Ok, let’s do diaries. I can do next Tuesday.’

Versatile Blogger Award

An email arrived in my inbox a few days ago, which I’m told is a common occurrence if you have an email account. There I was, waiting for the inevitable rejections (I thought about finishing all my covering letters with ‘I look forward to receiving your rejection,’ but I think the editors in question would probably think I was taking the mickey…) when I saw I had a new comment on my previous post, a review of Green Lantern.

It turns out Danielle Shipley, from  has given me the Versatile Blogger Award. Good times! Thanks Danielle!

Now, this award has strings. I have to do the following things, apparently:

1. Add a picture of the award. (This has been accomplished. It took me and my crayons a long time to trace it, colour it in and then scan it back in so I could put it here, though.)

2. Thank your nominator. (To Danielle, the Nominator, thank you!). Next:

Tell your readers 7 things about yourself

  1. My favourite band is Muse.
  2. I only joined Facebook in the first year of Uni because it was the only way I could find out about the gigs my band was playing.
  3. I love film music. Nothing does Epic like an orchestra.
  4. I play the drums, but have never done grades. When I stopped having lessons, I was just starting grade 5 material. That was 8 years ago, so hopefully I’m a lot better now.
  5. As soon as I get a semi-decent camera, I shall start making films. I love film making/video production, but have only ever really dabbled, having never had the resources/chance.
  6. I used to do stand up, but there aren’t any opportunities where I am now. I’d love to do it professionally. The best comparison I ever got was ‘Johnny Depp meets Jimmy Carr’. That may seem a bit egotistical sharing that, but come on – if someone described you like that, you’d be chuffed too, right?
  7. I used to do fencing. My weapon of choice was Sabre.

And the final thing I have to do is:

Give this award to 15* fellow bloggers and inform them of the joyous tidings

*I get the feeling the blogosphere might be struggling with the 15 part, as every other person I have seen who has received this award has this rule as ‘share the love with your favourite bloggers’. For the reason listed below, I can’t do fifteen yet!

Most of the people whose blogs I regularly read have already got at least one, sometimes more, of these awards, so that made choosing very difficult. Some of these blogs I have been reading/following for a while, some I have only just found, but impressed me enough to pass on the accolade.

  • Brian Killeen, for his blog The 1000 Book Challenge. To quote Brian, ‘One man’s journey to becoming well read!’ Follow his progress as he reads through 1000 books everyone should read at (You can let him do all the work, and then claim you’ve read them all by proxy…)
  • Some Unknown Boy Making Eclectic Goals, or A genuine smorgasbord of interesting stuff – writing, music, pictures… the whole shebang, in other words.
  • Cat “Might have a surname” over at, for her thoughtful, open and honest reflections on her own writing.
  • W.E. Linde, the eponymous author at, for his detailed accounting of his journey towards publication in various different forms.

So, not quite 15, but better than nothing. I suppose I’d better tell them all now, hadn’t I?

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