Rewan, why you so many themes?

Regular readers will have noticed that my blog theme changes about twice a year. And now it’s changed again. Why can’t I settle?

ythemeThis change in theme marks a slight change in attitude and focus. A minor rebrand, if you like. This theme choice is about making my blog feel like a blog again, and making the other parts of my website less prominent.


As an introvert, I have a bit of trouble getting along online. I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights sometimes. It’s not the technology that stumps me. The problem is I have a lot of filters set up between brain and mouth. Generally this is a good thing, but on Twitter the name of the game is spontaneity. And more often than not I compose a Tweet, spend five minutes wondering if it’s really worth saying, and if anyone wants to actually read it, and then hitting delete.

I sort of approach blogging in the same way. I think the end result is that I’m so cautious and withdrawn online that sometimes it can seem like I’m not there. I don’t express myself fully, because I spend too long worrying about how people will react. I don’t show myself to the world fully.

The idea behind making this website more blog focused and less focused on my writing is because I want to try and build better relationships and engage more people. I’ve worked long and hard to give the impression that I’m a serious and professional writer, but maybe that’s off-putting for people, considering I only have one book out at the moment. I want people to know that I’m here to talk to, trying to say things that matter, and looking for conversations.

And while I’m doing all that, I’m going to try and be more…well, me.

Say hello and help me out. You can also join me on Twitter. Let’s get talking.