Captain Reasonable Vlog #3 – Saintly Namesakes

I consider myself rather fortunate to have such a unique name. This is a hard post to write without sounding snobby, but perhaps one of the things in the internet age that we have most forgotten and desperately need to remember is that being pro-thing ‘A’ doesn’t necessarily mean we are anti-thing ‘B’.

Think how many millions of hours of furious YouTube commenting would be saved.

There are quite a few Rewans on the internet. But Google my full name and the results are not only in quite short supply, they are all (the last time I checked, at least) about me. I think that’s pretty cool, but then again that’s probably because I attempt to battle feelings of worthlessness by maintaining a bit of an ego.

This has become somewhat serious: the third episode of my Captain Reasonable vlog is entirely silly. To be fair, most of them will be. This comic routine was mostly improvised and covers the origins of my name.

It features wolves, the Pope, and Tesco Metro. Watch it below.

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Let me know what you think.

Introducing the Captain Reasonable Vlog

Great news: you can now watch me. I don’t mean all the time, and certainly not from behind some wheelie bins, or through my office window. But you can now have the next best thing to me telling you my thoughts in person, because I’ve started vlogging.

Fireworks Cropped

I’ve been wanting to vlog for a long time now, but something always got in the way. The videos I’ll be producing and uploading will mostly be the kind of material I would have performed as stand-up comedy were there more opportunities where I live to do so.

Instead, I just have to imagine (or, more accurately, hope) that there is laughter. The supportive kind, that is. Not the kind of laugh you do after you see someone fall over on a skateboard.

Meet Captain Reasonable; the World’s Most Affable Superhero

Captain Reasonable is my vlogging alter ego (my dictation software initially thought I’d said ‘flogging’ – that’d be a very different video series). If you’ve read a few of my posts on here, you’re probably already able to understand the inspiration behind him. I spend a lot of time considering how other people will react to what I say and write, which isn’t really my job. People can make up their own minds without me chipping in.

The Captain Reasonable vlog starts with Episode Two. Why? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video below to find out.

Dear Journal

The other type of video I will be regularly posting will be as part of a series entitled Captain Reasonable’s Journal. These are essentially podcasts, or narrated newspaper columns, with added snazzy visuals. I’m putting together lots of footage and effects, so while they will follow the same format, each one will be just as interesting to look at as it is to listen to.

They are only a couple of minutes long each, so do give them a watch. You can find the first one below.

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